RX, Racing eXperience ... the thrills of Racing when you’re driving such a boat with an exceptional comfort and unique design! The RX boats combine the passion and expertise of two motorboat professionals.


Christophe Paulhac, founder of the Pacific Craft brand and leisure boats manufacturer for 20 years , has dealed with Laurent Plasse, world champion Offshore category 6 liters in 2005 in Jesolo Italy and designer of motor boats for Racing, to draw and design a successful racing hull , compatible with a real leisure deck.

The idea is to offer buyers of RX boats, the pleasure of driving, comfort and safety on board, in a manufacturer quality beyond the standards of the category.


High performance manufacturing components

The vacuum casting of RX boats, the use of isophthalic resins and vinilesters whose mechanical strength is above the standards of the production of leisure boats, and the use of polyurethane elastomer, give the RX boats lightness, rigidity and robustness.

RX 27

RX 30

Success came quickly. During its first presentation at the Paris Boat Show, the 30 RX received the "Boat Design Award 2017" in the category "Day Boat". The RX range is now available in two models: the 27 RX and the 30 RX.

Multiple customization options are available for customers looking for design, luxury and speed.

A splendid boat ...

Designed to devour miles safely, the RX is also a remarkably comfortable boat for sea rides with friends. Fans of powerful boats, experienced boaters, all are unanimous: RX provides pleasure and exceptional sensations!

With innovative materials, state-of-the-art technologies, a demanding manufacturing process and extraordinary finishes, the RX range is making a real difference and is entering into the world of exceptional boats.